Senco Joistpro 250 Metal Connecting Nailer Review

Now that the Senco Joistpro 250 has seen extensive use out in the field with a number of my contractor friends, I can confidently review its performance. If you dont have time to read the full review this is all you need to know.

This Senco gun packs a punch, driving teko nails even into engineered lumber. The Joistpro 250 is $200 less than the Hitachi NR65AK making it very appealing to those who want to save some cash and still get a quality metal connecting nailer.

The Joistpro 250 is available for $289 (The Tool Shed)


Features that set apart the Senco Joistpro 250

  1. Takes both 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ nails without any magazine adjustment. If you have used the Hitachi, you will instantly see this as a huge improvement.
  2. Comes with both the belt hook and rafter hook. This eliminates the hastle of trying to find these accessories after you purchase the gun.
  3. Ample power to sink nails up to 2-1/2″ into engineered lumber.
  4. The tool free depth adjustment dial makes it super easy to get your nails flush.

For the video review of the Joistpro 250 check out this video.

Win a Festool Kapex Miter Saw & CT 26 Dust Extractor

If it’s free its for me! Unfortunately I can’t enter this sweepstakes but that doesnt mean you cant have shot at this months Festool Sweepstakes.

Festool is getting into the christmas spirit and giving away a huge tool package constisting of a Kapex Miter Saw and CT26 Dust Extractor worth $1719.00

To enter the contest simply enter your name and email on their website here.

Best of luck! I’d love for one of you  ”Tool Addicts” to win.

Kreg Toolboxx Master Collection: Limited Quantities Available

We are big fans of Kreg products and the amazing projects people build with them. Kreg has just announced their release of a promotional Toolboxx kit that includes multiple Kreg jigs and accessories. It even includes new screw selector wheel that is only found in this kit.

We also want to mention we are huge fans of the Kreg tool community forum. Members are friendly and it can be a great place to get inspiration for your next project, and tips for using Kreg tools. You can check that out here.

All the accessories included in the Toolboxx would cost $415 if purchased separately. This kit is selling for 299.00 The Tool Shed Check out whats included with this limited edition kit below. Continue reading

Month in Review: A Recap of this Month’s Post

Here’s a quick recap of blog post you may have missed in October

A Game Changing Grinder Accessory for Wood Carvers:

The Holey Galahad grinding disc from King Arthurs tools becomes “see through” enabling wood carvers to see their work as they remove material.

The Most Clogged Vacuum You’ll Ever See: 

Some things are just to dirty not to take a picture of! This is the story of a vacuum that found its way into my shop.

The Ultimate Trick For Removing Broken Bolts and Stripped Screws:

Breaking a bolt, or stripping a screw can be a major headache. Learn my secret to headache free broken bolt removal.

Festool Reconditioned Tool Sale:

Festool has just announced the start of their reconditioned tool sale. Supplies are extremely limited, so act fast. Get all the details here.

 Makita LXOB01 Cordless Sander Review & Demo

This week I had a chance to use the Makita LXOB01 cordless sander while making a jewelry box with my Dad. Read the full review and watch the video here.

A Game Changing Grinder Accessory for Wood Carvers

The Holey Galahad from King Arthur Tools is a game changer for wood carvers! It is designed to help wood workers shape their material with a huge increase in visibility. Since the disc has holes in it, it becomes “see through” as it spins.
This Tungsten Carbide grinding disc is made to replace traditional flap wheels and comes in three different grits and in two different shapes; Round and Flat
  • Course
  • Medium
  • Fine
Here’s what King Arthur has to say about their Holey Galahad discs.

Makita LXOB01 Cordless Sander Review & Demo

It’s official,I just released my first video tool review! I had a blast and am looking forward to bringing some helpful reviews to all you “tool addicts” out there.

This week I had a chance to use the Makita LXOB01 cordless sander while making a jewelry box with my Dad. I must say, what a great little tool to have around the shop.

Top 3 features I really like after testing the sander

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Festool Sale Ended

Revision- The Festool Recon Sale has ended.


“Its not often that Festool has their tools on sale, but when they do they offer them at up to 30 % off.” -The Most Interesting Tool Brand in the World

Festool has just announced the start of their reconditioned tool sale. In which they are offering some great deals on a huge variety of their products. This sale is exclusive to U.S. customers only. All prices and availability are listed. (The Tool Shed) 

Here are the details from Shane Holland of Festool USA as posted on Festool Owners Group.

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The Ultimate Trick for Removing Broken Bolts and Stripped Screws

Breaking a bolt, or stripping a screw can be a major headache. It’s a small broken bolt that often stalls a job or puts a project on halt. You may have used both spiral screw extractors and the square extractors with limited success. That was the case for me. Finally I have found something that actually works. Left Handed drill bits have saved me money and time being able to remove broken bolts easily.

How do they work?

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The Most Clogged Vacuum You’ll Ever See


This vacuum was mega clogged!

Some things are just to dirty not to take a picture of, that’s why I snapped a picture of this Gem!

Recently, a Makita vacuum found its way into my repair shop. The customer rightly complained that the tool was not functioning as it is suppose to. My mother tried the tool and agreed, noting her Makita vacuum at home works much better.

Taking it into the shop I started taking out the screws to hopefully find the problem. Then it hit me! The dust that is. Continue reading

New Festool SysLite KAL 100

How many work lights can survive being run over with a truck?

I was sure that the answer to that question was none, until I watched this latest video from Festool. Festool is known for there innovative and quality tools and this new light looks like just that.

Embedly Powered

We got our hands on this light to try it out and it is confirmed it can survive a ladder drop. Although we were not brave enough to try and run it over.

 If your looking for a top of the line tire chalk, that doubles as a versitle worklight the SysLite has no competition.

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