The Ultimate Trick for Removing Broken Bolts and Stripped Screws

Breaking a bolt, or stripping a screw can be a major headache. It’s a small broken bolt that often stalls a job or puts a project on halt. You may have used both spiral screw extractors and the square extractors with limited success. That was the case for me. Finally I have found something that actually works. Left Handed drill bits have saved me money and time being able to remove broken bolts easily.

How do they work?

If you’ve used a drill bit in the past your halfway to removing broken bolts. Whats the next step? Put your drill in reverse and use the same technique.

As the drill bit drills into the bolt it has the ability to catch inside the broken bolt and extract the screw.

How often does the drill bit catch?

Almost every time, it really depends on the hardness of the material you are drilling into. I have even been able to extract grade 8 bolts.


After experimenting with different techniques, this is what works best for me.

1. Use a center punch to create a surface for the drill to start.

2. Start with a small bit like 1/16”. This bit won’t always extract your bolt. It will allow the next size up to grab and extract the screw.

3. Increase drill bit sizes in increments of 1/16”.

Where do I get these bits?

It use to be that these bits were only available from tool trucks like Snap-on or Matco. They were also very pricey. The good news is I have been able to get these bits from Consolidated Toledo Drill. Made in America, Magnum Super Premium Drill Bits. You can’t beat these bits. You can get a set from for only $59.

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